Archie Campbell Museum

It might be said that one man really put the name of Bull’s Gap, Tennessee “on the map.” At least, millions of television viewers and radio audiences associate the city with entertainer Archie Campbell.

Archie Campbell was born in the community of Bulls Gap on November 7, 1914. While principally remembered for his roles on the long-running television series, “Hee Haw,” Mr. Campbell was a beloved comedian, singer, painter, television host and much more.

Campbell was hired in 1969 as an on-air comedian and one of two original writers (the other being Gordie Tapp). He was a regular until 1987. His recurring characterizations included “The Barber” where he began the “That’s good, that’s bad” routine and popularized spoonerisms. He appeared as “Doctor Campbell” and “Justus O’Peace.” Campbell also began using “Pfft, You Were Gone” as one of the show’s recurring set pieces.

Earlier, in 1936, Archie earned a spot on WNOX’s popular “Mid-Day Merry-Go-Round” in Knoxville. In 1958, the Grand Ole Opry hired Campbell as a comedian on its networked “Prince Albert” portion. Campbell’s best-known record, “Trouble in the Amen Corner,” was released in 1960.

The Archie Campbell Museum and Homeplace Complex includes many artifacts relating to the life of Archie Campbell, including recordings, photographs, show posters and items for his performances on “Hee Haw.” OPEN WEEKDAYS ONLY!


139 S. Main Street
Bulls Gap, TN 37711

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